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Lecture 2. Scientific Knowledge Flows in the Social Web

Mike Thelwall, University of Wolverhampton, UK (discussant: Antonietta Mira).



The web contains traces of evidence about how scientists communicate, collaborate and share their findings in the social web and academic websites like ResearchGate. This talk will discuss how this evidence has been used to investigate knowledge flows in science through various different social web sites and will discuss the free tools available to gather data from them. Studies so far have shed light on issues such as international collaboration and results sharing as well as disciplinary differences and patterns of information sharing in academia.


Mike Thelwall is head of the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group in the University of Wolverhampton, UK and is an information scientist with a quantitative background and a member of the UK Forum for Responsible Metrics. His third book, Web Indicators for Research Evaluation: A Practical Guide, was published in 2017 and is supported by the free software Webometric Analyst. Mike has written 291 refereed journal articles, is an associate editor of the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology and sits on four other editorial boards.