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IDIDS Internal Seminar - Session 1

When: 21 February 2017
Where: Room PC04, USI Blue Building

12:30 - 13:00 Ritabrata Dutta

Well tempered Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

  • Barducci, A., Bussi, G., & Parrinello, M. (2008). Well-tempered metadynamics: a smoothly converging and tunable free-energy method.Physical review letters, 100(2), 020603.
  • Bussi, G., & Branduardi, D. (2015). Free-energy calculations with metadynamics: theory and practice. Reviews in Computational Chemistry,28, 1-49.

13:00 - 13:30 Chiara Ghiringhelli

A Bayesian analysis of population density over time: how spatial correlation matters


  • Ilenia Epifani, Rosella Nicolini (2015a), Modelling Population Density Over Time: How Spatial Distance Matters. Regional Studies. 
  • James LeSage, R. Kelley Pace (2009), Introduction to Spatial Econometrics. CRC Press.